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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page we'll introduce our business and highlight important areas on our site. We welcome you and hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Thanks for stopping by CreepyFX! Wev'e been on the web close to ten years now helping make your homemade high end props dreams possible and we're very proud of the feedback our customers give us! Folks love the ease of the CreepyFX methods for producing some of the most stunning Halloween and horror props this side of a professional's prop studio!
Our methods take you from beginer to CreepyFX expert in no time at all!
Using easy to get materials from local hardware stores and Joke shops, you can make stunning one of a kind props that folks will marvel at and want for themselves!
A fantastic income can be made from these methods and non-profits can increase cash flow as well! We have special rates for our products for folks wanting to cash in on this hot seasonal item!
Come in, browse around and we think you'll want to learn more about our Creepy world! Enjoy!

P.O. Box 1052
Healdsburg, Ca. 95448

The "Gramda Bride" prop below is an example of the CreepyFX method. We show you how to get results like this your first time! Professional grade props have never been easier to have than right now! This will help take your display to the next level!


Due to recent hujacking of our site by others for a fake IRS scam, we have had to take down the CreepyFX site and redo it.
We are sorry for any troubles this may have caused and is beyond our control. We are working hard to bring CreepyFX back up in it's full funtioning very soon. Questions can be emailed to:

World class props YOU make easliy!