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For almost ten years, CreepyFX has helped home haunters have better props at cheaper prices than ever before! Thousands of folks worldwide love the CreepyFX method!

A little about CreepyFX.....

Why dead people are fun?

That line gets a lot of folks and sets 'em back. Not to worry, I only mean that in the props sense.
Years ago I realized my Halloween displays had become boring and run of the mill. I hated the ol ghost in the tree lite by blacklite stuff I'd been doing all my life. I was a home haunter at heart from the start at an early age. I was that kid, the one that wanted to scare others on Halloween more than go out for candy ( well.....ok, mostly anyway). That stayed with me all my life and I got better at it.
I started to work more with Latex and developed the CreepyFX methods over time using what I could get hold of localy knowing that I wanted to bring this to others as my displays where drawing bigger crowds every year.
Now years later CreepyFX is known world wide and used by folks everyday to produce movie grade props for less.
It's my hope you'll join our fun family of prop makers and have yourself a lot of fun along the way!

Our Philosophy

Customer service is number 1! Without you we are nothing and we know it. We're here to help after the sale! Your commments are important and we listen. This is a fun business and we want to help keep it that way!

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World class props YOU make easliy!